CAS136-47-0——Productname:Tetracaine hydrochloride

Short Description:

Product name:Tetracaine hydrochloride Exact mass:300.160461
Density: / PSA:41.57000
Boiling point:389.4ºC at 760 mmHg LogP:3.49200
Melting point:149°C Appearence:White crystalline powder
Molecular formula:C15H25ClN2O2 Vapour pressure:2.87E-06mmHg at 25°C
Molecular weight:300.824 Brand:GSK
Flash point:189.3ºC Storage:Refrigerator

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Packing specification:

1kg/bag,5kg/bag,or 25kg/Hardboard drum,or at your requirment.
1KG : Double pharma-grade polybag inside,sealed Aluminum foil bag outside;
5KG : Double pharma-grade polybag inside,Hardboard cartons outside;
25KG: Double pharma-grade polybag inside,Hardboard drum outside.
Drum size: 38CM*38CM*51CM/25kg , Drum Net Weight: 1.5KG


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This product is a long-acting ester local anesthetic, which is characterized by strong penetration of mucous membrane, suitable for surface anesthesia, without vasoconstriction, dilated pupil, corneal injury and other adverse reactions after eye drop, and is often used in ophthalmology.  The effect and toxicity of local anesthesia were about 10 times more than that of procaine.  After injection, the intoxication effect of the anesthetic Chemicalbook appeared slowly (about 10 minutes), the metabolism after absorption was also slow, and the local anesthetic time was up to 3IJ, H, -j.  The left and right sides.  It is mainly used for superficial anesthesia of eye, nose and throat mucosa, but rarely for conduction anesthesia and epidural anesthesia.  Because of toxicity, generally not used for infiltration anesthesia.

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