CAS143-33-9——Sodium cyanide

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Packing specification:

1.Can be customized

2.The existing packaging

1kg     Packing  acked with aluminium bags with ziplock bags inside.

10kg   Paper carton.

25kg   Barrel Packed with paper drum with double plastic bags inside.

  • MOQ: 1kg
  • Packaging: 25kg/drum
  • Payment: T/T,western union,moneygram
  • Port: Guangzhou
  • Delivery Time: 7-15days
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    Prodcut name Sodium cyanide
    MOQ 1KG
    CAS No. 143-33-9
    Appearance White Crystal Powder
    Molecular Formula NaCN
    Molecular Weight 205-599-4
    Assay 99%
    Boiling Point 1496℃


    Sodium cyanide is an important basic chemical raw material, used in basic chemical synthesis, electroplating, metallurgy, organic synthesis medicine, pesticide and metal treatment. In electroplating industry, it is the main component of copper, silver, cadmium and zinc plating.  In electroplating solution, the anode polarization can be reduced, the normal dissolution of the anode can be ensured, the plating solution can be stabilized and the cathode polarization can be improved, and the uniform coating can be obtained. In the chemical industry, it is the raw material for making various inorganic cyanide and hydrocyanic acid. It is also used for making organic glass, various synthetic materials, nitrile rubber and copolymer of synthetic fiber. In the dye industry for the manufacture of melamine chloride (reactive dye intermediate and raw material for the production of whiteners).It is used to manufacture methyl cyanoacetate and diethyl malonate in pharmaceutical industry.

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