CAS23076-35-9—Xilazina hydrochloride(API)

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1kg     Packing  acked with aluminium bags with ziplock bags inside.

10kg   Paper carton

25kg   Barrel Packed with paper drum with double plastic bags inside.

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Product name Xilazina hydrochloride
Synonyms Xilazina chloride
CAS No. 23076-35-9
Molecular formula C12H17ClN2S
Molecular weight 256.795
Appearance white crystal powder
Flash point 155.9ºC
PSA 49.69000
Density 1.15g/cm3
Melting point 150-164?C (dec.)
Boiling point 334.2ºC at 760mmHg
Assay >99.0%
Packing 250kg or as requested
Application Benzenepropanoic acid was used as an antidepressant
Brand GSK

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MOQ: 10 gram
Packing: Aluminum foil bag / customized/barrel
Payment Terms: Western Union / Money Gram / BTC / T/T / L/C
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Toluene thiazide hydrochloride, also known as toluene thiazide hydrochloride, is a kind of sedative veterinary drugs.  Can make the central nervous system to produce mild inhibition, abate functional activities, thereby play to eliminate restlessness, quiet recovery of a class of drugs.  In recent years, driven by the economic interests of individual animal husbandry breeders, Chemicalbook has arbitrarily added this kind of drugs in the process of livestock and poultry breeding to play the role of sedation, hypnosis, weight increase and fatten up, and shorten the market time.  In addition, in order to reduce the death and weight loss of animals and prevent the deterioration of meat quality during the transportation of animals, such drugs are often used to reduce the loss caused by stress.

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