CAS9003-01-4—Polyacrylic acid(API)

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Common Name Polyacrylic acid
Density 1.09 (30% aq.)
Melting Point 106ºC
Molecular Weight 72.06270
Exact Mass 72.02110
LogP 0.25700
Water Solubility Soluble in water
CAS Number 9003-01-4
Boiling Point 116ºC
Molecular Formula (C3H4O2)n
Flash Point 61.6ºC
PSA 37.30000
Synonyms Carbomer 940
Brand GSK
Appearance Colorless liquid


Acrylic resin (methylmethacrylatesin), commonly known as plexiglass, is made of methyl methacrylate polymeric polymer compound.  Commonly used synthesis methods are anionic polymerization, solution polymerization, bulk polymerization, suspension polymerization four polymerization methods.  In addition, the tree Chemicalbook fat has the advantages of easy coloring, light weight, not easy to break, good processing performance and so on.  Therefore, it is often used as a substitute for glass, optical lenses, lenses, etc.  In addition, with the development of acrylic resin and its modified polymer, acrylic resin has a wide range of applications in pharmaceutical preparations and coatings.  
1.Pharmaceutical preparations: because acrylic resin has the advantages of safety, stability, inertia and no stimulation, it is a kind of polymer material widely used in pharmaceutical preparations.  Acrylic resin can be divided into methacrylate copolymer and methacrylate copolymer two categories, due to the different copolymerization composition and proportion, has a variety of characteristics of dissolving in gastric juice, intestinal juice or water insoluble.  Therefore, it is often used for film coating, solid dispersion, sustained-release pellets, sustained-release skeleton tablets and other pharmaceutical Chemicalbook.  In addition, the performance of acrylic resin as pharmaceutical excipients is more excellent, has a broad space for development.  
2. Coating: acrylic resin light color, good transparency, excellent light and color retention;  High temperature does not decompose does not change color, has good acid and alkali resistance, salt grease detergent and other chemicals contamination and corrosion performance, as well as excellent construction performance.  In particular, it can be widely modified with various chemical monomers and new materials, and endowed with various special properties to prepare new varieties of acrylic resin coatings.

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