2022 ASCO's big three "rollover" events

The annual Meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)is the most high-level event in the field of clinical oncology. Many important research findings and clinical trial results are presented at ASCO annual meeting.Next month, the 2022 ASCO annual meeting will be held. In recent days, the core data of the products of various innovative pharmaceutical enterprises have been disclosed in advance.  For them, every conference that reveals clinical data can be heaven or hell.  

Biotech companies including Iovance, Springworks, And Celestial Were among the top 10 losers on Friday (May 27) due to clinical data disclosures.  Among them,  Iovance clinical data sent the market lower, plunging 53%.  Springworks inc. 's combined therapeutics hit a snag, sending its shares down 40%.  The shares fell 26% on "positive" clinical results.
For innovative drug companies, the most important thing is expectations. And clinical progress, and even data disclosure, is key to reinforcing investor expectations.

So when the data is bad and expectations are dashed, the market naturally votes with its feet. But at a time when sentiment is low, stocks may not be plunging because the numbers look really bad, just because investors are more cautious. For example, the combination therapy of CD73+PD-1 in Celestial Creatures has not failed at present, and there is still the possibility of reversal in the future. That's how drug discovery is always full of surprises until the dust settles. This is the stage that everybiotech that wants to evolve goes through. In any case, all innovative drug companies are worthy of respect.

Post time: Jun-18-2022